The Creme Egg Café

Last Friday was a chance to finally celebrate some good news, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I wanted to go to the Cadbury Creme Egg Café pop-up in Soho. Now, if you haven’t heard of that I will assume that you have been without access to the internet/your eyeballs for several weeks and explain what you’ve missed. Cadburys have opened a three floor café dedicated to the delicacy that is the creme egg for just seven weeks.

They are serving a range of creme egg based dishes including; the creme egg toastie, creme egg and soldiers, and strawberries and creme (egg). And all the money that they raise will be donated to charity (although they don’t seem to have specified which one).

Anyway, tickets went on sale to be able to go up to the first floor and ‘dine in’ but I didn’t manage to get my hands on any so instead we went along to queue up for a ‘takeaway’ toastie which was almost as good.

We queued for about half an hour, which seemed like a long time for a warm crème egg in between two slices of white bread, but I was excited enough just by the neon light signs so we stuck it out.

Eventually we got inside, ordered our toasties and waited eagerly for what, if we’re entirely honest, we didn’t have high expectations for. Whilst we were waiting I stumbled upon a big red button, and after doing the extremely British thing of politely asking if I was allowed to press it, I gave it a push. Much to my delight a creme egg came rolling down some piping from upstairs and popped out onto a purple cushion in front of me.


After this short period of extreme excitement our toasties were served and we sat in the corner of the room (sneaky) to enjoy them in the warm. It tasted a lot like exactly what it was: a cream egg between two slices of bread. But it wasn’t unpleasant, and to be honest I would probably eat it again. But you could melt a creme egg over an avocado and I would probably be in to it so perhaps I am not the best person to ask.

We didn’t go up to the ball pit because after watching the live videofeed displayed in the waiting area, and assessing the long, slow-moving queue we decided that sitting in a medium-sized ball pit with several other adults who we did not know was not where we saw our Friday night going.

So, we headed to Chinatown so Frazer could get something more substantial to eat (he hadn’t had time for lunch due to a big meeting so was extremely hangry). Then we dropped in to surprise my friend at her birthday drinks, and then Frazer’s friend at his birthday drinks (serious social butterflies). I had a lovely evening and the perfect way to celebrate my exciting new job offer!

Best bit – Getting to go to the creme egg café (I should add that Frazer doesn’t actually like creme eggs but took me anyway because he knew how excited I was ❤ ).
Worst bit – Not having tickets and having to queue for a very long time for a takeaway – which also meant that a toastie was the only available option on the menu.

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