Date E

It’s been a while since I have written anything due to being busy over the Christmas break eating everything in sight and wearing exclusively comfortable clothing (mostly pyjamas).

But here we go. 

On December 15 2015 Frazer took me to see Elf the Musical at the Dominion Theatre. He had said we were going somewhere special for Date C, and after work we rushed across London, and literally ran along Oxford Street so that we “wouldn’t miss our time slot”. But as we rounded the corner there it was; Dominion Theatre lit up in green and red, inviting me to discover my inner elf.



I will take this opportunity to disclaim that Elf is one of my favourite movies of all time, and ever since hearing the news that a musical based on the film was coming to London I have not stopped going on about it. Frazer also knew this but had promised me that he hadn’t got tickets. Apparently when he told me this I looked so crushed that he ended up buying them the very next day.

So there we were – running into the theatre, approximately two minutes before the play was due to start (due to train delays), and I barely had time to absorb any of the excitement. Frazer then explained that the whole reason he had started the Alphabet Date Game (and insisted that he got Letter A) was so that this could be Date E, but I had taken so long to organise Date B that we hadn’t got that far along. Oops.

Anyway, back to Elf the Musical. It was GREAT. I was worried that by taking my favourite film and turning it into a musical predominately aimed at young children it would ruin it – but it was so well done. The guy who played Buddy the Elf was fantastic, his timing was perfect, he really captured the character that Will Ferrell created without seeming like he was trying to copy it, and I think without him the show wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good. Also Jovie (Buddy’s love interest) was played by Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh who did an averagely good job.

Elf musical-01
I wasn’t supposed to take this so please don’t tell anyone.

Plus, I even got a mug that says release your inner Elf. So overall I had an absolutely brilliant time, and despite being almost 23 years old it was one of the best Christmas presents ever. If I’m honest I was listening to the Elf the Musical soundtrack at work and/or in the shower for weeks afterwards.

Best bit – This would have to be between the surprise element (I really was not expecting the surprise date to turn out to be something so amazing) and the actual musical itself (which was enjoyable from beginning to end).
Worst bit – For once I am actually stumped to think of something I didn’t enjoy, or something that made me feel even a little grumpy. I suppose it was quite sad that Zooey Deschanel wasn’t playing Jovie but you can’t have everything.

E is for Elf. 

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