Date F

So, it’s been a long time since I wrote. And now things aren’t quite in order. But I’m sure my floods of fans will be patient with me just this once and tolerate the disorder, as they’re probably just happy that I have some new material out there for them to read (Hi Mum).

The titles of my previous blog posts would suggest that Dates C and D did not happen but I’ll quickly catch you up. Date C was actually the Crème Egg Café. And Date D was a pretty darn tasty meal that I cooked and served by candlelight at home (finances restricted options last month).

So – on to Date F. My turn. To be honest, I didn’t really do lots of advance planning on this one, it just sort of happened. Lots of things have just sort of happened recently – hence my allusive blog posting.

Around six weeks ago I was offered a new job – working as a Communications and Events manager for an amazing company that creates immersive dining experience events in East London. I still have to pinch myself almost every day when I think about it.

I spent a few months feeling quite lost: I was moving from temp job to temp job and when people asked what I wanted to do I just couldn’t put it in to words. I trained as a teacher at University, and then spent a long time trying to defend why I wasn’t doing that – without really knowing what I wanted to do instead. But I’ve finally found it – I love managing events, and I really enjoy PR and marketing, and now I have a job where I do both, and for a pretty awesome company. Plus, this gets me one step closer to being next in line for Michael Eavis’ job – surely?

Anyway, back to Date F. The event I now manage is called The Chambers of Flavour. And, of course, it made sense for me to have the opportunity to experience the event myself when I started, so I invited Fraz along for an evening of edible escapades.


Gingerline events are both clandestine and nomadic. So when people buy their tickets not only do they not know where the event will be held (apart from it being somewhere along the East London Oveground line), but they also don’t know what it will entail. Therefore anyone who attends an event is sworn to secrecy until the end of it’s run, so as to protect the experience for future guests.

However, I can tell you this: The Chambers of Flavour is a multi-dimensional dining experience which takes place inside a machine designed by Sir Lionel Stirling Grey to allow adventurers to travel between parallel realities. Essentially you get to enjoy a course in each of the 5 chambers – each of them completely different from the other. And it’s incredible. The food is amazing, the chambers are brilliantly executed and the set design is unreal.

Asides from that I have to keep schtum! But I would like to take the opportunity to say that the actors are phenomenal at what they do, and I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them – it’s not an easy gig!

Best bit: Enjoying an evening that is totally out of this world – technology free, good old-fashioned fun!
Worst bit: I know I am biased, but there really wasn’t one.

F is for [The Chambers of] Flavour

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