It’s Doughnut Time!

A few weeks ago I saw a really delicious doughnut on Instagram, and I thought “mmmmm I want that doughnut”. (Yes, that’s right, this is going to be one of my more profound blogs).

Anyway, a few moments of Instagram stalking later and I discovered the birthplace of the aforementioned doughnut; Doughnut Time. An Australian-founded doughnut shop that’s made it way halfway across the world and onto the streets of Shoreditch. So with a trip to London already on the cards for this week I planned in a doughnut detour.

After twenty-five minutes of dragging Fraz along the streets of East London in blistering 80mph winds (some exaggeration here, probably) we spotted the minty green beacon of deliciousness ahead.

The bad news for the now frostbitten Fraz, however, was that Doughnut Time does not offer an eat-in option. My bad though because a quick trip to their website does highlight their USP of being a “hole in the wall” style one-stop-shop for doughnut goodness (sorry Fraz). Perhaps buying a doughnut to enjoy on the seafront of Brisbane in 27°C may be slightly more appealing than sharing with the pigeons of Hoxton in 2°C…

After browsing the amazing window selection, and carefully considering exactly how many doughnuts I could consume in one sitting, we decided on a Stranger Rings 2.0 and a Love At First Bite (the classic Nutella option).

Then we headed to Attendant where the super friendly staff didn’t throw us out for enjoying our doughnuts with their delicious hot drinks. (Thanks).

Okay now for the bit you’ve all been on the edge of your seats for, my food reviewing.

Love At First Bite – Nutella-y, wouldn’t travel all the way to London for this specific doughnut.

Stranger Rings 2.0 (an Oreo crumb, Nutella and edible glitter) – Changed my life. Would travel to Brisbane’s Doughnut Time for this specific doughnut.

Best bit: Eating the doughnut. 🔥🍩
Worst bit: Finishing the doughnut. 🤤

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