Backyard Cinema: Mission to Mars

What’s better than watching a film? Watching a film aboard a spacecraft floating through the cosmos.

Backyard Cinema describe themselves as “one of London’s most recognised and sought after alternative cinematic experiences”. And alternative it was. With superb set design, a well-delivered concept and even themed snacks (yas) it was some next-level cinema-ing.

After some very strict instructions about our “departure time” and not being late we decided to go along a little early and find somewhere to grab a bite. Backyard Cinema is currently located in Mercato Metropolinato, a street food centre in South London, so we had plenty of choice. Frazer opted for a Vietnamese pho, I went for a Lebanese falafel wrap (yeah I was feeling adventurous). The pho got 5 star reviews but the Lebanese wrap was unfortunately not a pizza so it falls short at 3 stars.

After soaking up the South London foodie vibes we headed over to the Secret Cinema entrance, a space travel security and check-in area. We made it through intergalactic security to the shuttle waiting area where we eagerly awaited our transportation to the spacecraft.

Yes, I did wear a NASA t-shirt. #sorrynotsorry

Upon arrival to the spacecraft we were shown to our seats (read: beanbags) and directed towards the in-flight refreshments. There were space cocktails on offer – highlights including the Star-garita and Rocket Fuel, as well as space-themed snacks. Then of course we dabbled in spacecraft piloting and I insisted on taking too many photos.

The usual pre-film adverts were replaced with an interactive performance from our “pilot” which I could take or leave. Then we watched Ready Player One which, as a side note, is a fantastic film that you should watch (even if you can’t see it whilst in space).

Backyard Cinema change their themes every few months, so check out your next date night idea here. Hopefully they’ll continue to do such a good job with the small details!

Best bit – Going on an actual real-life mission to Mars and not having to do any physical astronaut training for it.

Worst bit – Between not choosing pizza for my dinner (always a mistake), and the toilets which were back in the food market (illusion ruined when you walk out of the spaceship and right into a queue for fro-yo).

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